An Endless Sea Of Sunflowers

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The Sunflower Festival

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Who We Are?

Hello, we are Jay and Leslee Schwirian. We live on our 78 acre farm in Elizabeth Pennsylvania, about 18 miles south of Pittsburgh. We have lived here 30 years and raised our 3 children- Laura, Andrew, and Jackie here. From the first summer, we have planted fields of sunflowers. In 2020, we decided to open the fields to share with the public. We planted more seeds than ever before! Visitors could get outdoors , enjoy the sunflowers, and keep a safe distance from each other. Over the course of a week we had thousands of visitors. This is our 3rd year planting 500,000 sunflowers and offering it to the public. In the fall, when the sunflowers go to seed, we harvest the seeds and press them for sunflower oil. Sunflower oil is great for cooking, baking and skin care.

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When is the 2024 Sunflower Festival?

The 2024 festival is August 2-11, 2024, 8am-8pm.

What is cost of admission?

Admission is free. Parking is $3/car.

When are pets allowed on the farm?

Pet day is August 11, 2023.

Will there be activities for children?

Yes, children will have opportunity to participate in a scavenger hunt at the Sunflower main tent.



When does your U pick sunflower season open/start?

U pick sunflowers will be available during our sunflower festival, August 2-11, 2024. Watch our Facebook page, Schwirian Farm Sunflower Festival page or email us at schwirianfarm@gmail.com

Are you currently open?

No. The farm is closed to the public. It will reopen August 2-11, 2024.

What are your opening hours?

Our hours during U pick season is 8am-8pm everyday during festival.

What is best day and time to visit?

There will always be color whenever you come. Early in the morning is quieter especially during the week.

Can we bring a large group for a field trip?


Can I bring my own food and drink to the farm?

Sure! You can even bring a blanket and enjoy a picnic in the sunflower field.

What should I wear to the farm?

For your safety, wear comfortable shoes and suitable clothing for outdoors.

Best way to communicate with farm staff?

Email is the best way schwirianfarm@gmail.com. You may also leave us a message on Facebook

Can artists come and paint fields?

Of course! You are welcome to bring your equipment and spend day painting our fields.

Getting Here

What is address of farm?

392 William Penn Rd, Monongahela, PA 15063. We are direct across from the elementary school.

Are there any hotels near the farm?

No. The closest hotels are in adjacent towns, Pleasant Hills and Belle Vernon.


When will sunflowers be in full bloom?

They will be in full bloom August 2-11, 2024.

Can I pick my own sunflowers?

Yes! We have a special field designated for pick your own sunflowers. They are then purchased for $1/stem. To pick a sunflower simply reach down to bottom of stem and use our clippers to snap it off.


Do you provide or recommend photographers?

Visit our Facebook page-Schwirian farm sunflower festival and see a list of local photographers who shoot at the farm. If you are not on facebook, contact us through email and I will provide a list.

.Do I need an appointment to come and shoot?

If you are a professional photographer you need to register for a pass. No appointments necessary. Come anytime during open hours.


Can I bring a wagon or stroller?


Is farm wheelchair accessible?

We have handicap parking close to the field. This is a working farm, there is grass, dirt, gravel which may make it difficult to navigate a wheelchair.


Where can I find list of food trucks?

They will be listed on our Schwirian farm sunflower festival Facebook page.


Can I bring my pet?

Service animals are welcome anytime. August 11, 2024 is Pet day. This is the day you may bring your pets.