About Us

Hello, we are Jay and Leslee Schwirian. We live on our 78 acre farm in Elizabeth Pennsylvania, about 18 miles south of Pittsburgh. We have lived here 30 years and raised our 3 children- Laura, Andrew, and Jackie here. From the first summer, we have planted fields of sunflowers. In 2020, we decided to open the fields to share with the public. We planted more seeds than ever before! Visitors could get outdoors , enjoy the sunflowers, and keep a safe distance from each other. Over the course of a week we had thousands of visitors. This is our 3rd year planting 500,000 sunflowers and offering it to the public. In the fall, when the sunflowers go to seed, we harvest the seeds and press them for sunflower oil. Sunflower oil is great for cooking, baking and skin care.